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[[Image:John ShahovskoyStJohntheMerciful.jpg|100px|left]]His Eminence Our father among the Most Reverend saints '''''[[John (Shahovskoy) of San Francisco|John (Shahovskoy), Archbishop of San Franciscothe Merciful]]''''' was one of the many émigrés from the Russian civil war who entered a [[monasticpatriarch]] life of Alexandria between 611 and 619. He gained his epithet from his unstinting generosity in distributing the vast wealth of the Orthodox Church and became a diocesan [[bishoppatriarchate]] in of Alexandria to the United Statespoor and afflicted. After first being [[consecration|consecrated]] Bishop The main source for his biography is a Life written by Leontius of Brooklyn Neapolis in Cyprus. John was born in Amathus on Cyprus c. 550 to the American [[OCA|Metropolia]]patrician Epiphanius, he was elected Bishop a governor of San Francisco and Western America the island. He married and [[Archbishop]] in 1961had children, but was a position widower when he held until his retirement in 1973; he resumed active ministry again was called to become patriarch of Alexandria in 1975611, and finally retired in 1979becoming the fifth Chalcedonian bishop of Alexandria to bear that name.
Abp John's work in the World Council of Churches remarkable almsgiving or mercy (''eleemosyne'' in the Central Committee between 1954-66 developed contacts that would be instrumental Greek) in distributing the re-establishment vast wealth of canonical relations between the Metropolia and the [[Church of Russiapatriarchate]]of Alexandria to the poor and afflicted gave him his epithet of ''Merciful''. His care was not limited to his own flock in Alexandria, ultimately resulting but extended to the people of Palestine in their sufferings. He was forced to flee Alexandria by the granting Persian invasion of [[autocephaly]] Egypt in 619. Returning to Cyprus, he died soon thereafter. A few years later much of John's work of reconciliation with the Non-Chalcedonians of Egypt was undone by the Metropolia violent persecution instituted by Cyrus, who was both his successor as patriarch as well as prefect of Alexandria. John is commemorated in the Orthodox Church on [[Orthodox Church in AmericaNovember 12]].
While in retirement he remained active in Russian literary and ecumenical circles. Archbishop John was the author of many books and articles. He often employed the pen name of ''Strannik'' in his writings. He died on [[May 30]], 1989, in Santa Barbara, California, and was buried at the Serbian Cemetery in San Francisco.
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