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Euthymius the Great

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 [[Image:StEuthymiusTheGreat.jpg|thumb|right|St. Euthymius the great: 17th c. painting on wood at [[Dionysiou Monastery]], [[Mount Athos|Mt. Athos]]]] Our great and [[venerable]] father '''Euthymius''' (sometimes written Euthymios - [[feastday]] [[January 20]] ) was born during the reign of king Gratian in 377 A.D. He came from Melitine in [[Church of Armenia|Armenia]] (now Makatya, Turkey), and was the son of pious and faithful parents, who were called Paul and Dionysia.
As [[John the Forerunner]] had been born of a barren mother so this venerable Euthymius was born of a sterile woman and received the name Euthymius from [[God]] before even being born. His parents were praying to God to grant them a child. So, they heard the voice of an Angel who told them to be jolly and cheerful or rather that not only his parents but all should be jolly and cheerful, because with the child's birth every [[heresy]] was going to be abolished and universal peace was going to be granted to the [[Church]] of God. So, for this reason this [[saint]] was called Euthymius (bringer of jollity). Since the saint's father died, his mother offered him to Eutrojos, [[bishop]] of Melitine, by whom he was counted with the order of clerics. Because he was clever at studying the holy things of God and surpassed all the virtuous men in virtue and [[asceticism]], he was forced to be ordained [[priest]] and accept to look after the holy [[hermitage]]s and [[Monastery|monasteries]]. When he was twenty-nine years old, he went to [[Jerusalem]] and lived with St. Theoktistos in a cave on the mountain. While he was there, St. Euthymius liberated many men from the terrible chains of disease.