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<!--nb. portrait images at ~100px, landscape images at ~200px-->[[Image:Image:MotherGabrilia.jpg|100px|left]]The '''[[Elder|Gerontissa]] [[Gabrielia (Papayannis)|GabrieliaEpiscopal Assembly of North and Central America]]''' (1897-1992), also known as '''Gavrilia''', was a 20th century saintly Greek Orthodox [[nun]]. Born founded in Constantinople on October 2/152010, 1897 to Helias and Victoria Papayanni(s), was consists of all the fourth and last child active Orthodox bishops of the family. She went to England in 1938 to train in chiropody North and physiotherapyCentral America, returning to Greece in 1945 and opening a psychiatry clinicrepresenting multiple jurisdictions. In 1954, after It is the repose of her mother, she travelled successor to India and worked with the poorest of the poor. In 1959SCOBA, she went to [[Monastery]] of Mary and Martha in Bethanyit is not, Palestineproperly speaking, to become a nun, and she was told, for a prayer rule, to follow the Gospels and the writings of St. John Climacus, in the original Byzantine Greeksynod. In 1963, travelling to France The Episcopal Assembly of North and Central America, she returned to Greece and was tonsured to is one of several such bodies around the Small Schema by Elder [[Amphilochios (Makris)|Amphilochios]] on Patmos, then returned to India, working with Fr [[Lazarus (Moore]]. In 1992, having gone to many mission fields and finally returned to found a hesychastarion world which operate in Greece, she received the Great Schema from Fr Dionysios of Little St. Anne's Skete, Mount Athos. In the same year, she reposed in Leros, Greeceso-called "diaspora."
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