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[[Image:Siege of ConstantinopleImage:MotherGabrilia.jpg|150px100px|left]]The '''[[Fall of ConstantinopleElder|Gerontissa]] [[Gabrielia (Papayannis)|Gabrielia]]''' (1897-1992), also known as '''Gavrilia''', was the conquest of that a 20th century saintly Greek city by the Ottoman Empire under the command of Sultan Mehmet II, on Tuesday, Orthodox [[May 29nun]], 1453. This marked not only Born in Constantinople on October 2/15, 1897 to Helias and Victoria Papayanni(s), was the final destruction fourth and last child of the [[Eastern Roman Empire|Eastern Roman ("Byzantine") Empire]]family. She went to England in 1938 to train in chiropody and physiotherapy, returning to Greece in 1945 and the opening a psychiatry clinic. death of [[Constantine XI]]In 1954, after the last Roman Emperorrepose of her mother, but also she travelled to India and worked with the strategic conquest crucial for Ottoman hegemony over poorest of the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkanspoor.
Scholars consider the Fall In 1959, she went to [[Monastery]] of Constantinople as Mary and Martha in Bethany, Palestine, to become a key event ending nun, and she was told, for a prayer rule, to follow the Middle Ages Gospels and starting the Renaissance because writings of the end of the old religious order St. John Climacus, in Europe and the use of cannon and gunpowderoriginal Byzantine Greek. Down In 1963, travelling to France and America, she returned to Greece and was tonsured to the present day, many Greeks have considered Tuesday Small Schema by Elder [[Amphilochios (the day of the week that Constantinople fellMakris) |Amphilochios]] on Patmos, then returned to be the unluckiest day of the weekIndia, working with Fr [[Lazarus (Moore]].
In 1992, having gone to many mission fields and finally returned to found a hesychastarion in Greece, she received the Great Schema from Fr Dionysios of Little St. Anne's Skete, Mount Athos. In the same year, she reposed in Leros, Greece.
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