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St. Stephen's Course in Orthodox Theology

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The '''St. Stephen's Course in Orthodox Theology''' is a three-year, distance-education-based, non-degree program sponsored by the [[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America]]. The course is aimed at introducing practicing and future church workers to the richness of Orthodox theology through extensive directed reading courses and practical ministry projects.
== Targeted Students students ==
* Anyone interested in studying Orthodox theology but unable to attend an Orthodox [[Seminaries and Theological Schools|seminary]].
* Clergy converting to Orthodoxy within the Antiochian Archdiocese and intending to petition for ordination, who have received a Masters of Divinity degree from a non-Orthodox seminary.
== Curriculum ==
 === Directed Readings readings ===
Each year of the program consists of two semesters, during each of which the student completes significant directing reading courses in the subjects of scripture, doctrine, Church history, liturgy, and practical theology. Each course is designed and mentored by a recognized Orthodox educator or theologian. Auxiliary support is provided by local clergy. A graded written examination must be completed for each directed reading course.
=== Directed Projects projects ===
In addition, for each year of the program the student must complete a major project. The project is mentored and must conform to requirements set forth in the syllabus, but the topic is left to the discretion of the student. Some suggested projects include:
* A written document for publication that focuses on Orthodoxy and adds to the knowledge base of the faith.
=== Residency Program program ===
Students who intend to petition for ordination within the Antiochian Archdiocese (and certain other [[jurisdiction]]s) must also complete three consecutive units of the ''Antiochian House of Studies'' residency program--one for each year of the St. Stephen's Course.
As of the 2004-05 term, tuition is $350 per unit.
== External Links link ==
* St. Stephen's Course [ official website]
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