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Nestor (Zakkis) of the Aleutians

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While the period of his episcopal activities was brief, Bp. Nestor actively pursued his responsibilities in his missionary diocese. Using his administrative skills and knowledge of English he corresponded widely in the Unites States, including with President Rutherford B. Hayes, about the needs of the people in the Alaska mission who, with the sale of Alaska to the United States, were under the civil authority of the American government. He initiated translation of the [[Gospels]] into the Eskimo language, and consulted with the Vermont State Library on typeset for the characters of the Eskimo alphabet. Much of his correspondence and other documentation has been collected and published by the AARDM Press in Minnesota.
Devotion to the members of his diocesan community occupied his attention greatly as he journeyed through his Alaskan communities. These journeys were not just to the settlements convenient to coastal travel, but included visits to the missions deep in the interior of Alaska along the Yukon River. The danger of travel in these northern waters is evident in Bp. Nestor’s Nestor's death on his return from his second journey through Alaska.
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