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[[ImageFile:Rublev TrinityKursk Root Icon of the Theotokos.jpg|100px|The Holy TrinityKursk Root Icon of the Mother of God of the Sign]]</div> Apostle [[SaintApostle Hermas|Hermas]] of the [[Theophylaktos of NicomediaSeventy Apostles|TheophylaktosSeventy]], [[Bishop]] of in Philipopoulis (1st century);Martyr Dius (''Dion, Dionos''), by the sword;Martyrs Quinctilian and Capatolinus, at Nicomedia; [[Venerable]] Dometius, [[monk]](363); [[Hieromartyr]] [[Theodoretus Theodoret of Antioch|Theodoretus]], priest, of Antioch (361-363); Venerable Paul the Confessor, bishop of Plousias in Bithynia (c. 840) (''see also [[Apostle]] [[Hermas of the SeventyMarch 7]]''); Saints Lazarus and AthanasiusSaint Theophylactus, monks Bishop of MurmanskNicomedia (842); Saint Tarasius the [[Paul of PlusiasWonderworker]], of Lycaonia (''see also [[confessorMay 7]]'');Saint Pontius of Carthage, a Deacon of the Church of Carthage (c. 260);Hieromartyr Cyril, a Bishop, with martyrs Rogatus, Felix, another Rogatus, Beata, Herenia, Felicitas, Urban, Silvanus and Mamillus, martyrs in North Africa;Saint Provinus, Bishop of Como in Italy (c. 420);Saint Beoadh (''Beatus''), Bishop of Ardcarne in Roscommon in Ireland (c. 518); Saint Senán mac Geirrcinn (''Senames''), a monk in Kilmanagh in Ireland, [[MartyrConfessor]] Dioof Iniscathy (c. 540); Saint [[Felix of Burgundy]] the , Bishop of Dunwich and [[Enlightener]] of East Anglia(c. 648); BeoadhSaint Julian of Toledo, Archbishop of Toledo and [[Confessor]] (690);Saint Rhian, [[BishopAbbot]] of RoscommonPembrokeshire;Saint Humphrey (''Hunfrid of Prüm''), Bishop of Therouanne in France, was Abbot of St Bertin (871); Saint Duthac, [[Bishop]] of Ross(1065);Venerable Saints Lazarus (1391) and Athanasius (15th century), monks of Murmansk Island, Onega Lake; RhianSaint Andronicus (Lukash), Schema-Archimandrite of Tbilisi, Georgia, Elder of Glinsk Hermitage (1974);New Hieromartyr John Znamensky, Priest (1923);Martyr Vladimir Ushkov (1942);'''Other Commemorations:'''[[AbbotKursk Root icon|Kursk Root]] ” Icon of Pembrokeshirethe Sign of the Most Holy Theotokos (“Kurska-Korinna”) (1295); Senan, Repose of Archbishop [[ArchbishopVitaly (Maximenko) of Jersey City|Vitaly (Maximenko) of Eastern America]] and (1960). <noinclude>[[ConfessorCategory:Calendar day templates|March 08]] of Iniscathy;</noinclude>