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Journeys to Orthodoxy

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This article discusses specific journeys to the Orthodox faith from various spiritual backgrounds. The individuals most likely were [[heterodox]] Christians who became Orthodox [[catechumen]]s and [[conversion|converted]] to the Orthodox faith.
==Journeys ([[conversion]]) to Orthodoxy from...==
=== Protestantism ===
==== [[Anglican Communion|Anglican]] ====
*[ Fr. George Johnson's Personal Testimony]
====Assembly of God====
*[ Moving East] by Philip Silouan Thompson
==== Baptist ====
*[ From First Baptist to the First Century] by Clark Carlton
*[ Joel Kalvesmaki's Journey to Orthodoxy]: A Baptist Missionary Becomes Orthodox
==== Christian Church / [[Wikipedia:Church of Christ|Church of Christ]] / Disciples of Christ ====
*[ From Evangelical to Orthodox] by Fr. Gregory Rogers
*[ A Journey of Fear and Joy] by Oswin John Craton (ISBN 1418444162) ==== [[Evangelicalism|Evangelical]] - General ====
*[ Second Thoughts] by Joel Kalvesmaki
*[ Are There Many Christian Churches, or Is the True Church One?]: An Interview with a Former Protestant Missionary and Wycliffe Bible Translator*[ Fr. Seraphim Holland's Personal Testimony]*[http:/becoming/philwww.html Moving Seek and ye shall find... A couple's journey to Orthodoxy] by Philip Silouan Thompson[[Reader]] Peter Jackson:*[http://www.philthompsonssconhelhi.goarch.netorg/pages/becomingJourneysToOrthodoxy/ Kyriaki_Fevrohia.htm My Journey] a list of links from Phil Thompson of other journeys to Orthodoxy] by Kyriaki-Fevronia Ka’akau ==== Evangelical - Reformed ====*[ You Shall Know the Truth] by Stephen M. Adams ==== Episcopal ====
*[ What I Have Learned] by Clifton D. Healy
*[ You Shall Know the Truth] by Stephen M. Adams*[ "Plymouth Brethren" to Orthodox] by [[User:FrJustin|Fr. Justin (Edward) Hewlett]]
*[ Spiritual Biography] by Huw Raphael of the blog [ Doxos]
*[ In the Passenger Seat] by [[Khouria]] [[Frederica Mathewes-Green]]
==Books==Plymouth Brethren ====*[ "Plymouth Brethren" to Orthodox] by [[User:FrJustin|Fr. Justin (Edward) Hewlett]] ==== United Methodist ====*[ Holy Tradition: The Road That Leads Home] by the Rev. Dorraine Snogren (''The True Vine'', #5) === [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholicism]] ===*[ Two Paths] by Michael Whelton*[ Crossing Bridges: The Story of a Spiritual Journey] by Thomas Ross Valentine*[http:/detail/ Anglican-Orthodox Pilgrimageraboteau.html American Salvation: The Place of Christianity in Public Life] by Franklin BillerbeckAlbert J. Raboteau == Collections of Conversion Stories ==*[http://www.amazonjourneytoorthodoxy.comJourney to Orthodoxy Website], a website dedicated to those on the Journey to the Orthodox Christian Faith, publishing conversion stories and account, mission news, and information for inquirers.*[ Journey to Orthodoxy], a collection of articles from ''Orthodox America''*[http:/obidos/ Convert Testimonies] from the parish Web site of St. Herman of Alaska [[Orthodox Church in America|OCA]])*[ Journey] a list of links from Silouan Thompson of other journeys to Orthodoxy*[ Journeys to Orthodoxy] weekly podcast on Orthodox Christian Network provided by Icon New Media. Each week, a different convert to Orthodoxy discusses the reasons for embracing the Orthodox Church. Subscription for the podcast also available. == Published works == '''Conversion stories''' * Billerbeck, Franklin, ed. ''Anglican-Orthodox Pilgrimage'' (ISBN 0962271357)* Craton, Oswin. ''A Journey of Fear and Joy''. (ISBN 1418444162) -also [ Becoming Orthodoxavailable online] * Doulis, Thomas, ed. ''Journeys to Orthodoxy: A Collection of Essays by FrConverts to Orthodox Christianity''. (ISBN 0937032425)* Doulis, Thomas, ed. ''Toward an Authentic Church: Orthodox Christians Discuss Their Conversion''. (ISBN 1880971100)* Gallatin, Matthew. ''Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells''. (ISBN 1888212284)* Oliver, John. ''Touching Heaven: Discovering Orthodox Christianity on the Island of Valaam''. (ISBN 1888212659)* [[Peter Gillquist|Gillquist, Peter E.]] ''Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith'' (ISBN 0962271330) '''Orthodox and other forms of Christianity''' * Bouyer, Louis. ''History of Christian Spirituality: Orthodox Spirituality and Protestant and Anglican Spirituality''. (ISBN 0816423741)* Kimbrough, S. T., ed. ''Orthodox and Wesleyan Spirituality''. (ISBN 088141235X)* Carlton, Clark. ''The Way: What Every Protestant Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series)''. (ISBN 0964914123)* Carlton, Clark. ''The Truth: What Every Roman Catholic Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series)''. (ISBN 0964914182) == See Also ==*[[Orthodox_Blogs#Conversion_to_Orthodoxy|Orthodox Blogs - Conversions to Orthodoxy]]
==External Links ==*[ Prudence True] Orthodoxy:The Art of Wisdom through Ancient Words by Prudence True*[ On Becoming and Remaining an Orthodox Christian]*[ Contours of Conversion and the Ecumenical Movement: Some Personal Reflections] by [[Hieromonk]] Alexios Karakallinos*[ Why Isn't Clendenin Orthodox?], a two-part series from ''Orthodox America'' about a Protestant who has written many largely sympathetic books and articles about Orthodoxy, but remains Protestant. See also=="[ A Reply to Dan Clendenin]."*[ Converts - Chapter 88 from ''Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works''] by Hieromonk Damascene*[ My Work With English-Speaking Converts (.pdf)]: An Interview with Fr. Artemy Vladimirov*[] - contains some frequently asked questions for those in the process of conversion*[ Orthodox Converts Yahoo Group]*[ A Letter on the issue of Converts] by Fr. William DuBovik*[ A Typology of Converts: Beware of Those Running Away] by Fr. John Garvey*[Online_Orthodox_Communities#Orthodox_Blogs| Cradle-born Thoughts] by Fr. John Dresko*[ Orthodox BlogsConverts]: An Annotated Bibliography of Works in English Concerning Conversion to the Eastern Orthodox Churches by William M. Klimon*[ Journeys to Orthodoxy]: from the Antiochian Orthodox Deanery of the United Kingdom and Ireland