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[[Image:Victor A. PokrovskyVPokrovsky_c1925.jpg|100px|left]]'''Victor Alexandrovich Pokrovsky''' was choir director, translator, and music arranger for Metropolitan [[Sergius (Tikhomirov) of Japan]], serving in that position at the [[Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Tokyo, Japan)]] from 1924 until 1962, except for the World War II years and some of the decade following the war. He followed in the tradition of Russian [[missionary|missionaries]] of bringing the [[Gospel]] to new people in their language. In Japan, he followed in the tradition of Ss. [[Innocent of Moscow]] and [[Nicholas of Japan]] and of Nicholas's successor Sergius. In regard to liturgical music of the Japanese Orthodox Church, Victor Pokrovsky was to Sergius as [[Yakov Tikhai]] was to St. Nicholas. Victor's success was bringing the Russian liturgical music masters to the Japanese in their own language. Metr. Sergius invited Victor, an emigr&eacute; of the Russian civil war, to Tokyo to introduce to the [[Church of Japan|Japanese Church]] the [[Russian Chant|Russian liturgical masterpieces]] of 19th and 20th century, in Japanese. Their association and close collaboration continued until events associated with World War II brought it to an end.
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