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[[Image:paschaSt_Irene_Chrysovalantou.jpg|100px|left]]The Our venerable mother '''Irene of Chrysovalantou''' was the [[Paschal greetingabbess]]''' is a custom among Orthodox Christians, consisting of a greeting and response. Instead the [[monastery]] of "hello" or its equivalent, one is to greet another person with "Christ is Risen!" The response is "Indeed, He is Risen!" (or "Truly, He is risen!")Chrysovalantou. This greeting Her [[feast day]] is used during liturgical services and informally at other times, starting with the feast of Pascha and lasting until Ascension, the period known as Paschaltideon [[July 28]].
In practiceOriginally slated to wed the Emperor, she went to the monastery of Chrysovalantou, this custom is usually restricted and immediately engaged herself in use vigils and prayer. She then replaced the Abbess very early on, and increased her spiritual struggles, with people that one already knows are Orthodoxgreat trust in God to guide the community properly. In some cultures (e She developed the gifts of foresight and exorcism.g., Her prayer through the night continued in Russia)the courtyard of the monastery, it was also customary and caused herself to exchange a triple kiss after levitate and the greetingcypress trees to bend towards her. It is not uncommon for Orthodox Christians to compile lists of She was granted three apples from St John the greeting as it is used around the worldTheologian, as an act visions of Orthodox unity across languages angels, and culturesappeared in a vision to the Emperor to release an unjustly convicted man. After her death at 102 years, she continued to be a wonderworker.
<center>'''Christ is Risen!'''</center> '''''Recently featured:''' '' [[Paschal greeting]], [[Holy Week]], [[Byzantine Notation]], [[Nicholas of Japan]], [[Bede]].<!--Newly [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured articles]] are presented every other '''Friday'''.-->''
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