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Timeline: terminology
*2005 Jul 16: The foundation stone of the new monastic church was laid at Pantanassa Monastery by Archbishop Stylianos, assisted by Bishop [[Seraphim (Ginis) of Apollonias|Seraphim]].
*2005 Aug: Driveway for new monastic complex finished.
*2006 Feb: Construction anticipated to begin on first phase.{{orthodoxyinaustralasia}}*2006 Apr: Around the time of Pascha: Building , construction of Katholikon (the main church('katholikon') and a part of accomodation well under way.{{orthodoxyinaustralasia}}
[[Image:Logo of Pantanassa Monastery.jpg|left|thumb|"Holy Archdiocese of Australia<br>Holy Monastery Mother of God the Queen of All"]]
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