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Nestor (Zakkis) of the Aleutians

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[[Image:Nestor Zass.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Bp. Nestor (ZassZakkis) of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska]]
His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop '''Nestor (Zakkis) of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska''' was consecrated [[bishop]] on [[December 17]], 1878, and assigned as bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska diocese. While he did not have a formal theological education, he was a gifted administrator which, with his fluency in English, served him well in the environment of North America. During his administration translation of the [[Gospels]] into the Eskimo language was begun. He actively visited his extended diocese, reviewing the state of the church in Alaska. It was during the second such trip in 1882 that he fell overboard from the ship carrying him across the Bering Sea. His body was recovered and buried at Unalaska.
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