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Divine Liturgy according to St. Germanus of Paris

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'''''La liturgie divine selon Saint Germain de Paris''''', or the '''Divine Liturgy according to St Germanus of Paris''', is the principal liturgy of the [[Orthodox Church of France]].
[[Image:Saint germain.jpg|thumb|St Germanus of Paris, 496-576]]
<!-- ==History of the Liturgyliturgy's Restorationrestoration==-->
==Present Useuse==
In addition to the parishes of the Orthodox Church of France, St Germanus is also used by a number of parishes that were formerly with the French Church but which are now part of the [[Church of Romania]] and the [[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)]], and some which are in dialogue with the [[Church of Serbia]].
==Structure of the Ordinaryordinary==
The following is the order of the Gallican liturgy as it was restored in the twentieth century by the Orthodox Church of France. Unlike the Roman and Milanese rites, the Gallican does not have a fixed anaphora, but instead uses variable texts before and after the institution narrative.
*Dismissal with blessing
<!-- ==The Question question of Compenetrationcompenetration==-->
* Monseigneur Jean (Kovalevsky) of Saint-Denis, ''Le canon eucharistique de l'ancien rite des Gaules'' (Paris, c. 1956)
*''Du rit occidental: Rapport de la Commision Liturgique'' (1960)
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