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Divine Liturgy according to St. Germanus of Paris

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Structure of the Ordinary
*Preparation of the Offerings
*Praelegendum Prælegendum (entrance psalm)
*Call for silence and greeting
*Aius (Trisagion () in Greek , Latin, and Latinthe vernacular)*Kyrie(single)
*Reading from the Old Testament
*Collect after the Old Testament readingGradual*Responsory*ApostoleApostle
*Canticle from Daniel
*Thrice-Holy before the Gospel
*Sanctus after the Gospel
*PrecesLitany of St Martin
*Collect after the Preces
*Dismissal of the catechumens
*Preface to the faithful and collect
*Diptychs and collectCollect after the Names
*Exchange of the Peace and collect
*Anaphora: variable Immolatio, variable ''Vere Sanctus'', institution narrative, variable ''post mysterium''
*Breaking of the Bread
*Lord's Prayer
*Episcopal blessingBlessing
*''Trecanum'' (post-communion hymn of thanksgiving to the Trinity)