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Ireney (Bekish) of New York

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On [[March 20]], 1952, Fr. John arrived with his family in the United States and was assigned as the priest of Holy Trinity Church in McAdoo, Pennsylvania. On [[March 31]], 1953, his wife Xenia died and was buried in the Holy Trinity cemetery in MacAdoo.
After being elected Bishop of Tokyo, then a [[diocese]] in the [[Metropolia]], Fr. John was [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]] on [[May 28]], 1953, and given the name of Ireney. He was also raised to the rank of [[archimandrite]]. His consecration as Bishop of Tokyo was conducted by Metropolitan Leonty (Turkevich) on [[June 7]], 1953, with other [[hierarch]]s in the Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral in New York City. As bishop of Tokyo, Bp. Ireney continued to lead the Japanese Church in its recovery from World War II. He reopened the seminary at [[Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Tokyo, Japan)|Nicolai-do Cathedral]] and brought back [[Victor Pokrovsky]] as the choir director for the cathedral. On [[May 9]], 1957, Bp. Ireney was raised to the rank of [[archbishop]].
Transferred back to the United States on [[June 14]], 1960, Abp. Ireney was appointed Archbishop of Boston and of the Diocese of New England. He was also made a special assistant to Metr. Leonty who was aging and ailing. With Metr. Leonty's death on [[May 14]], 1965, Abp. Ireney was elected [[Locum Tenens]] by the Great Council of Bishops pending the election of a new Metropolitan. At the 12th [[All-American Sobor]] on [[September 23]], 1965, Abp. Ireney was elected and installed as Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of all America and Canada.
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