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Colin, I think your reference to the antiochan connection is incorrect
herewith an email from Fr Michael saying it didn't happen:
From: "ST. PETROC MONASTERY" <stpetrocabbey@...>
Date: Mon Jun 28, 1999 1:42 pm
Subject: [westernorthodox] Re: INTRODUCTION stpetrocabbey@...
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Dear Patrick,
Speaking as one of "these people", we came into ROCOR because the
local Antiochian Orthodox Bishop would not countenance Western
Rite and we spent two fruitless years trying to get the
Patriarchate in Damascus to have the basic courtesy to answer the
letters that one of their Archpriests instructed us to write to
them. Then the Monastery was visited by the ROCOR Archbishop
along with an Archpriest and a Priest. The Archbishop treated us
with the utmost kindness and courtesy and after investigating us
at great length and continuing discussions, we were welcomed into
ROCOR. We have a great loyalty to our Archbishop, who has proved
to be an exceptional father to us. That is why we stay. We are
free to act throughout the diocese. Others, in other dioceses
are not so fortunate and we all try to keep a relatively low
profile because we do not wish to attract further attacks against
our Archbishop by those who abhor the thought of WRITE.
Fr. Michael.

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