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Canonical source for church names?: response
Hi I like the changes you made to [[Livestreams]] from an aesthetic standpoint. What I did just copy whatever the churches called themselves on their web sites. Is there some more canonical source for the official names of churches you are using? I'm fine with leaving it as you changed it and continuing to cut out the replicative parts of church names a matter of style for the page, but if there is some canonical source for the names you're using I'll follow that. Thanks, -[[User:Dclark|Dclark]] ([[User talk:Dclark|talk]]) 22:01, April 12, 2020 (UTC)
: The church naming actually has to do more with the format for OrthodoxWiki than anything else. I've done a fair number of OW entries for individual churches, which is where the naming scheme was developed.
-In general, "Orthodox" is omitted in the name of churches here because, being an Orthodox site, etc., the assumption is that the churches are Orthodox unless otherwise stated. (It helps to avoid redundancies.)
-As this is a site which seeks to encourage unity between the jurisdictions, most of the time we also omit the jurisdiction as part of the name, especially if, as in the chart, the jurisdiction is also signified. (Again, helps with redundancies. Also, there have been a small number of churches that have changed jurisdictions but retained the names and buildings... Ss. Constantine and Helen in Galveston, TX and Holy Trinity in Butte, MT come immediately to mind here. However, there are a small number of cities that have churches with the same name in different jurisdictions, in which the jurisdiction would be included... and again, that can get wonky too, because in Chicago, there are multiple St. Nicholas churches - Albanian & Belarusian, at the very least - and to make matters ever nuttier, "Belarusian" isn't even a jurisdiction, but a small subset of churches under the already small Carpatho-Russian Diocese!)
-Cathedrals are a little different, and I'm guessing the reasoning is that cathedrals serve a specific jurisdictions in a way that churches don't.
-Sometimes there are just weird things that might make for an exception. Holy Trinity Cathedral (OCA) is about a mile down the road from a Roman Catholic Church named Holy Trinity which is MUCH bigger, so it makes sense that in all their official "branding", if you will, the "Orthodox" part is pretty important since you don't want people to get it confused with the other place. This is also why when I see something like "Orthodox Church of Saint Anne", it leads me to believe that there is or was another St. Anne that is probably Roman Catholic in the vicinity, so I leave it alone. [[User:Katjuscha|Katjuscha]] ([[User talk:Katjuscha|talk]]) 01:57, April 14, 2020 (UTC)

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