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Prayer book

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Western Rite
* [ ''The Orthodox Divine Office''], by Abbot David Colburn of [ St. Mary the Virgin, Our Lady of Walsingham, Western-Rite Orthodox Church & Skete], Dayton, TN, and approved for use by the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]. From storefront: "A hard cover breviary or divine office book in traditional English for the daily use of clergy and laity in the Western Rite of The Orthodox Church. Contents: The Western Rite Calendar, full Psalter (with plainsong music & psalms pointed for chanting); the Ordinary and Propers for feasts, ferias, seasons, and Saint's days. Includes Matins, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline; Anthems of Our Lady, Office of the Dead and for the Sick, Itinerary; Preparation for Liturgy, Thanksgiving after Liturgy, Grace at Meals, Sacrament of Penance (Confession), Gradual Psalms, Penitential Psalms, various Litanies, and many Prayers and Office Hymns. All text in black with rubrics in italics."
* [ Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians of the Western Rite], compiled by the Fathers of the Abbey of the Holy Name, and published by [ St. Gregory's Press], a publishing house affiliated with the Old Calendarist [ Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles]. Contains Morning Prayers, Daily Prayers for Mercy, Prayers Before and After Meals, Preparation Before Communion, Thanksgiving After Communion, Evening Prayers, Trina Oratio before Sleepers, Prayers for the Departed, Prayers for Various Needs, Devotions to the Holy Cross, and more.
* [ The Walsingham Prayer Book and Manual of Devotions according to the Use of the Western Rite of the Holy Orthodox Church], by Abbot David Colburn of the St. Mary the Virgin, Our Lady of Walsingham, Orthodox Skete in Dayton, TN. Published with the blessing of the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]. Includes: Daily Prayers; Daily Prayers for Young Children; Daily Prayers for Older Children; Prayers, Collects & Thanksgivings; Arrow Prayers; Gradual & Penitential Psalms; Grace; Litany of the Saints; Itinerary; Spiritual Communion; Prayers & Hymns from the ER; Devotions of Repentance & Contrition; Preparation & Examinations of Conscience; Sacramental Confession; Prayers for the Sick & Dying; Preparation & Thanksgiving for Holy Mass; Prayers from Ancient Liturgies & Missals. Devotions: to the Holy Trinity; to Our Lord; to Our Lord's Passion; to the Holy Cross; to Our Lord’s Resurrection; to the Holy Spirit; to the Holy Angels; to the B.V.M.; to Various Saints; Devotions according to the Church Year; Dedication of Days of the Week to Various Devotions; Dedication of the Months of the Year to Various Devotions; Anthems of Our Lady; The Angelus; Fasting & Abstinence; Special Blessings, Customs & Devotions; Spiritual Aids, Truths & Outlines; and more. Hardcover with 510 pages.
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