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[[Image:Frjohnwhiteford2.jpg|right|Fr. [[John Whiteford]]]]
My name is Fr. Archpriest John Whiteford, and I pastor [ St. Jonah Orthodox Church], in [[w:Spring, Texas|Spring, Texas]].
I was born in [[w:Riverside, California|Riverside, California]] in 1966, and lived in [[w:Grand Terrace, California|Grand Terrace, California]]. My family moved to [[w:Murray, Kentucky|Murray, Kentucky]] in 1976, and then to [[w:Houston, Texas|Houston, Texas]] in 1978.
I currently am the general editor of the [ St. Innocent Liturgical Calendar], and also post [ liturgical texts on our parish web site].
I am the current president of the [ Orthodox Clergy Association of Houston and Southeast Texas].
I am also the dean of the southern deanery (Texas and Louisiana) of the [ Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America] [[ROCOR]].

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