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Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria

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Pope Cyril VI was born in Damanhour, Egypt, into a Christian family. One day his family invited an elderly saintly monk, and the future pope slept in his lap (when he was a toddler). The mother apologized and tried to take away, but that monk said, "Let him be, he will be of our share."    He resigned a civil service position to become a [[monk]] in July 1927. He passed his probationary period and, on [[February 24]], 1928, took his [[monastic]] vows and assumed the name Fr. Mina El-Baramosy. The spiritual mentor of Fr. Mina El-Baramosy the recluse was St. [[Isaac of Syria]], Bishop of Ninevah and 7th century [[ascetic]]. Fr. Mina was very much influenced by St. Isaac's writings and wrote extensively about them.
In 1947, Fr. Mina built the Church of [[Menas|Saint Mina the Martyr]] in Cairo.