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Jean-Claude Larchet

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From 1973 to 1979 he met, to receive their advice, some of the best-known spiritual leaders of that era: [[Archimandrite]] (now Saint) [[Justin Popovich]], Archimandrite [[Sophrony (Sakharov)]] and, in two long stays at Mount Athos, the followers of Elder [[Joseph the Hesychast]] - the Elder Ephrem of [[Katounakia Fathers (Athos)|Katounakia]], the Elder [[Ephraim (Moraitis) of Philotheou]], the Elder [[Charalampos (Dionusiates)]] - especially the Elder [[Paisios (Eznepidis)]] with whom he had long talks and whose support remains of great importance to Larchet.
PrDr. Larchet has been teaching philosophy for 35 years, and as a patrologist and theologian has lectured in many countries (, including Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Spain).
He is one of the very few contemporary authors who is able seamlessly to combine rigorous scholarship with a vibrant sense of the inner life of the Church. His prolific writings on the spirituality of the [[Church Fathers|Fathers of the Church]] and on orthodox Orthodox theology ([ twenty-six 26 books], over one hundred and fifty 150 articles) have been translated into no less than 17 languages.<ref>[[Apostoliki Diakonia]]. ''[ New Publications: The Healing of Spiritual Disorders: An Introduction in the Ascetic Tradition of the Orthodox Church, Vol. A'].'' By Jean Claude Larchet. Transl. into Greek by Christos Koulas. 2009.</ref>
===Series on Illness and Healing===
Equally remarkable is his three-part series on illness and healing in the Patristic patristic tradition, tanslated translated into englishEnglish:
* ''[ The Theology of Illness]'' (2002)
* ''[ Mental Disorders and Spiritual Healing]'' (2005).
==See also==
* [[Patristics]]
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