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Timeline of Schisms

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Protestant Groups
*1879 ''Christian Scientist'' religion is born, founded by Mary Baker Eddy.
*1879 ''Jehovah's Witnesses'' founded by Charles Taze Russell.
*1906 ''Pentecostal movement'' spreads after the Azusa Street Revival (1906-09); also known as "''[[Charismatic Movement]]''" from ca.1960 onwards.
*1925 ''United Church of Canada'', the second-largest Christian denomination in Canada after the Roman Catholic Church, is founded as a merger of four Protestant denominations.
*1957 ''United Church of Christ'' (UCC) is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination principally in the United States, generally considered within the Reformed tradition, formed in 1957 with the union of the ''Evangelical and Reformed Church'' and the ''Congregational Christian Churches''.

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