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Holy Order of MANS

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Some of the existing congregations that include former members/clergy of HOOM/CSB include:
*[ Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church] ([[Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia|Bulgaria]]) in Boston (Allston), MA. In particular, Fr. Patrick Tishel.
*[ St. John (Maximovitch) the Wonderworker Orthodox Church] (OCA) in Atlanta, GA. In particular, [ Father Jacob Myers].
*Saint George Orthodox Church ([[Church_of_Jerusalem|Jerusalem]]) in [ Rohnert Park], CA. In particular, [ Father Phillip Tolbert]
*St. John the Baptist Serbian Orthodox Mission and Forerunner Bookstore, Reno, Nevada. No homepage is currently available. Rev. James Barfield and his wife Nina, were members of HOOM/CSB, originally involved with Raphael House in San Francisco, a HOOM property/operation.
*[] St. John of Kronstadt Eastern Orthodox Church (OCA) in Lincoln, Nebraska
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