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Sessional Hymn

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A '''Sessional Hymn''' is a set of [[troparion|troparia]] (hymns) chanted after each [[kathisma ]] from the [[Psalter ]] at [[Matins ]] which is normally preceded by a small [[litany]]. In [[w:Greek Language|Greek]], these hymns are called "kathisma" (because they follow the Psalm readings of the same name. In [[Church Slavonic|Slavonic]] it is called a ''sedálen'' from ''sediti'', "to sit" (Cf. [[w:Latin language|Latin]] ''sedere'', "to sit").<ref>''The Festal Menaion'' (Tr. Mother Mary and Archimandrite [[Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia|Kallistos Ware]], Faber and Faber, London, 1984), p. 553.</ref> Hymns with the same name are also used after the [[Polyeleos]], for Saints of Polyeleos or Virgil [[Vigil]] Rank, and the phrase is also used for the hymns after the third ode of the [[canon]] at Matins.