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Vladimir of St. Julius Island

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He was tonsured rasophore monk in 1984 than [[lector]], [[subdeacon]] - later in 1985 was ordained [[deacon]] and [[priest]] as [[Hieromonk]] (by Bishop Evloghij of Milan), later in 1992 he became [[Hegumen]], in 1993 Kathegumen and in 1995 [[Archimandrite]].
Metropolita Evloghios consecrated him Vladika Vladimir as bishop of St. Julius Island with Archbishop Vigile of Paris and Bishop Vassilij of Osta, Vladika Vladimir of St. Julius Island.
[[File:vigile2.jpg|thumb|Metropolitan Evloghios, Archbishop Lazar, Archbishop Vigile and Metropolitan Filaret in Kiev for the funeral service of Patriarch Volodymir']]

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