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Holy Synod of Milan

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'''In 1992''', [[Metropolitan Ioan Bornachuk]] of Lviv, assured Metropolitan Evloghios about the full communion between the two churchesthat is [[Ukranian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine]] and [[Autonomous Orthodox Church of Milan, Western Europe and Canada]].
'''In October 1993''', Metropolitan Evloghios, as Primate of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of [[Milan]] and Western Europe, was invited in His dignity of First Hierarch in full communion with the [[Ukranian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A.]] to partecipate at the sobor in Kiev for the election of the second Patriarch after [[Mstyslav]].
== 1997 Break of the relation with Kiev - because the acceptance of the American bishops (John Lobue and Archbishop Hilarion of Texas)==
Since 1997 (before the breakdown of relationships with the [[Patriarchate of Kiev]], the Milan Synod included a number of [[Western Rite]] communities, mainly in the United States, who worship according to pre-schismatic (historically Orthodox) liturgical traditions with the support of the Metropolitan and of the [[Holy Synod]] of Bishops.
Anyway the principal rite of the Synod of Milan is the [[Byzantine Rite]] of the Orthodox Church, celebrated most commonly in the Slavic style but in some parishes in the Greek style.