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Kentigern of Glasgow

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==His names and their meaning==
The name Kentigern, an Old English form, seems derived from an Old Welsh name, today Kyndeyrn or Cyndeyrn in Welsh, with roots meaning either "hound lord" or "chief lord." His Welsh epithet Garthwys is of unknown derivation, although it is also the name of a warrior mentioned as being in the saint's grandfather Urien's band in the early Welsh poem ''Y Gododdin''. His nickname Mungo possibly derives from an Old Welsh form for "my dear" or "beloved." His names illustrate the multicultural world of post-Roman Britain in the sixth century, sometimes called the "Age of Arthur," in the overlapping of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon cultures and languages, although his mission work would have been in predominantly Celtic-speaking areas of western Britain.
==Sources about his life==