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Severus of Antioch

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After his [[baptism]] St. Severus became increasingly [[asceticism|ascetic]] in his daily life, eventually becoming a [[monk]] at St. Romanus' Monastery in Maiuma, Palestine. He later retreated into the desert near Eleutheropolis before founding a [[monastery]] for his [[disciple]]s in Maiuma. The Saint lived there in peace until the coming of Nephalius to Gaza in 508. Nephalius had previously led a faction of the Eutychian [[heretic]]s before accepting Chalcedon and promptly began attacking St. Severus after his arrival in the area, eventually securing the expulsion of the Saint and his followers from their monasteries.
Following his expulsion from his monastery St. Severus together with 200 monks from the area around Gaza left for the imperial capital of Constantinople, where they remained for 3 years seeking to obtain the favor of Emperor Anastasius. When Patriarch [[Macedonius II of Constantinople died |Macedonius of Constantinople]] was [[deposition|deposed]] in 511 he was considered for the patriarchate, but Patriarch Timothy, who also opposed Chalcedon, was enthroned instead and St. Severus was able to return to Palestine with his disciples.