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Evagrius Ponticus

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Certainly authentic works: *The Praktikos*On Asceticism and Stillness The Gnostikos*Kephalaia Gnostica (Problemata Gnostica)*The Chapters on Prayer, preserved in the Solitary LifeGreek under the name of St [[Nilus of Sinai]].*Antirrheticos*On Discrimination Sentences for Monks*Exhortation to a Virgin*Hypotyposis*Treatise to the Monk Eulogius<ref>This is printed in respect PG 79:1093-1140, among the works of Passions St Nilus.</ref>*Treatise on Various Evil Thoughts (Capita Cognoscitiva)*Protrepticus and ThoughtsParaeneticus*Letters*On WatchfulnessScriptural Commentaries*On PrayerVarious Ascetic Treatises {{stub}}Works of doubtful authenticity: 153 Texts*De Malignis Cogitationibus*Collections of Sentences
*Spiritual reading, vigils, and prayer bring the straying intellect to stability. Hunger, exertion, and withdrawal from the world wither burning lust. - ''Extracts from the Texts on Watchfulness'', 5.
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