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Basil (Doroszkiewicz) of Warsaw

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His Beatitude '''Basil (Doroszkiewicz) of Poland''', also Bazyli, was the Metropolitan of Warsaw and All Poland of the [[Church of Poland]] from 1970 to1998to 1998. He was the seventh hierarch to head the Polish church since it was granted autocephaly by the Patriarch of Constantinople in 1924.
In 1960, Fr. Basil was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of Bielsk, [[vicar]] to the Diocese of Warsaw. In 1962, Bp. Basil was elected [[bishop]] of the [[Diocese]] of Wroclaw-Szczecin. During his episcopate in Wroclaw-Szczecin, Bp. Basil was an effective organizer of the Orthodox faithful who were refugees from the political agitation of "Operation Wisla" in the late 1940s.
In 1970, Bp. Basil was elected Metropolitan of Warsaw and All Poland after the repose of Metr. Stefan. As [[metropolitan]] he witnessed the growth of the Church of Poland, adding two dioceses, Przemysl-Nowy Sacz and Lublin-Chelm. He also created the Orthodox Ordinariate of the Polish Army. Metr. Basil also encouraged education in the church arts, blessing the formation of the School of Writing (Painting) Icons in Bielsk Podlaski and the Psalmist's Study in Hajnowka. He also witnessed for the Church of Poland by actively working in the Polish Ecumenical Council and the World Council of Churches.
Metr. Basil reposed, at the age of eighty four, on [[February 11]], 1998 after a long and serious illness. Metr. Basil was buried at the Orthodox cemetery in the Wola district of Warsaw. Abp. [[Sawa (Hrycuniak) of Poland|Sawa]], then Archbishop of Bialystok-Gdansk, presided over the burial service.

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