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Vitalis of Milan

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Holy [[martyr]] '''Vitalis of Milan''', (Italian: San Vitale, French: Saint Vital), was an early martyr for Christ. Also known as '''Vitalis of Ravenna'''. He is remembered principally through thought the dedication to him of the Orthodox [[basilica]] in [[Ravenna]], Italy.
St. Vitalis is remembered principally through the dedication to him of the [[Church of San Vitale (Ravenna)|Church of San Vitale]] in Ravenna, Italy that was erected on the purported site of his martyrdom. St. Vitalis was memorialized in the mosaics in the [[church]]. In one of the mosaics in the [[apse]] of the Church of San Vitale, St. Vitalis is shown receiving the crown of martyrdom from the seated Christ.
*[ St. Vitalis, Martyr.]
*[ Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Vitalis]
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