Sophrony (Sakharov)

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Archimandrite Sophrony (Sarkharov), also Elder Sophrony, was best known as the biographer of St Silouan the Athonite and compiler of St Silouan's works, and as the founder of St John the Baptist Monastery in Essex, England.


  • 1896 Sep 23: Elder Sophrony born to Orthodox Parents in Russia. Began career as artist in Russia. After Revolution, he continued his artistic work in Parish. During this time he delved into Eastern mystical religions, and then came back to a faith in Christ. He enrolled at St Sergius' Orthodox Theological Institute, but left soon after.
  • 1926: Fr Sophrony arrived at Mt Athos, entering St Panteleimon Monastery (the Russian monastery).
  • 1930: Fr Sophrony ordained to the diaconate by St Nicolai of Zicha.
  • 1931: Fr Sophrony the one closest to St Silouan.
  • 1938: St Silouan reposes.
  • 1941: Elder Sophrony left the monastery grounds to reside in the desert area.
  • 1948: Ill health forced Elder Sophrony to move to Paris. After a stomach operation, he was not expected to live long, and moved into a Russian old-age home, assisting the priest at the chapel.
  • 1950's: Having disciples, both male and female, Elder Sophrony moved to Tolleshunt Knights in London and established the Monastery of St John the Baptist, a double-monastery with members of twelve countries.
  • 1993 Jul 11: At Elder Sophrony's repose, there were 25 other monastics at his monastery.