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*[http://www.patriarchateofalexandria.com/index.php?module=content&cid=001003&id=131&lang=en Sophronius I (841-860)
*[http://www.patriarchateofalexandria.com/index.php?module=content&cid=001003&id=131&lang=en Sophronius I (841-860)]
*[[Wikipedia: Patriarch_Sophronius_I_of_Alexandria
*[[Wikipedia: Patriarch_Sophronius_I_of_Alexandria]]
*[http://www.startsurfing.com/encyclopedia/a/l/-/Al-Mutawakkil_f037.html  Al-Mutawakkil Facts]
*[http://www.startsurfing.com/encyclopedia/a/l/-/Al-Mutawakkil_f037.html  Al-Mutawakkil Facts]

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His Beatitude Sophronius I of Alexandria was the Pope and Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 841 to 860.


Little is known of his life. Sophronius became patriarch in 841 with a reputation as a wise and prudent man of the church. He was confronted in 850 with decrees from Caliph Jafar al-Mutawakkil that established discriminatory practices against non-Muslims that included the destruction of churches, marking of homes with devilish figures, wearing of distinctive badges and costumes, and barring Christians and Jews from government service.

Patr. Sophronius died in 860.

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Sophronius I of Alexandria
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Michael I
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