Sophronius II of Constantinople

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Sophronius II of Constantinople was the patriarch of the Church of Constantinople from 1774 to 1780.

Patr. Sophronius was installed as Patriarch of Constantinople on January 4, 1775.

In 1776, Patr. Sophronius and the Holy Synod of Constantinople condemned hieromonk Athanasius Parios as a heretic for his involvement in the Kollyvades Movement at Mount Athos. Later, on an appeal in 1781, Patr. Gabriel IV and his Synod of Bishops overturned the condemnation and restored Fr. Athanasius to communion and to his priesthood.

Patr. Sophronius reposed on October 19, 1780.

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Sophronius II of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Samuel I (Chatzeres)
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Gabriel IV
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