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'''Sergius Vasilyevich Bulgakov''' (often referenced as '''S. V. Bulgakov''') was born in 1859. He studied at the Moscow spiritual academy, and was later an instructor of the Kharkov spiritual [[seminary]]. From 1901 through 1911 he was the inspector of the classes of the Kharkov institute of noble girls.
His works include "Models of Patristic and Russian Sermons" (Project for a Reader in Homiletics; Kharkov, 1887); "Practical guidelines for the performance of the Divine Services of the Orthodox Church" (Kharkov, 1893), "Menaion and Triodion of the Orthodox Church" (Kharkov, 1898), and most notably the "Handbook for Clergy" (''Nastolnaya Kniga'') (2nd edition, 1900).  He is not to be confused with the theologian-philosopher Fr. [[Sergius Bulgakov|Sergius N. Bulgakov]].
==External links==
*[http://www.transfigcathedral.org/faith/Bulgakov/index.shtml Handbook for Church Servers] (''Nastolnaya Kniga Dlya Svyaschenno-Tserkovno-Sluzhitelei''), translated from Slavonic by Fr. Eugene Tarris
*[http://mirimen.com/co_beo/Bulgakov-Sergej-Vasil-evich-9AB.html Биографии знаменитых людей: Булгаков Сергей Васильевич] (Russian)
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