Serapion of Antioch

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Our father among the saints Serapion of Antioch was the bishop of Antioch from 191 to 211. He actively fought against Gnosticism that was being spread in the area of Edessa at the time. His feast day is October 30.


Nothing is known of the early life of Bp. Serapion. He is known mainly through his theological writings as recorded by Eusebius, especially those that Serapion wrote against Montanism, Gnosticism, and Docetism. [1] [2]

Serapion also acted against the influence of Gnosticism in Edessa, in Mesopotamia, by consecrating Palut bishop of Edessa, who preached against the increasingly Gnostic tendencies that the Syriac Jacob Bardesanes was introducing to the Christian community of Edessa. Bp. Serapion also ordained Pantaenus, the founder of the Catechetical School of Alexandria, as a priest or bishop in Edessa.


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