Seraphim of Livadeia

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Saint Seraphim of Lebadeia, (b.1520- May 6,1602) was an ascetic from Mount Dombos of Lebadeia, Greece who lived during the end of the sixteenth century. He is commemorated by the church May 6.


Saint Seraphim was an ascetic from the area of Mount Dombos of Lebadeia in Greece. He is unknown to the Synaxaristes of the church. During a service conducted by Bishop Talantios Neophytos Metaxas in Aigina of 1828 and in Athens of 1855

He had a calling to the monastic life from a young age and left the world to pursue asceticism at Prophet Elias at the mount of Karkara. At this location he built a chapel dedicated to the Saviour and spent his time in ascetism. However, he was visited frequently by his family and friends so he left his cave and went to a monastery dedicated to the Holy Unmercenaries.

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