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{{September 17}}
{{September 17}}
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Elevation of the Holy Cross

Afterfeast of the Exaltation of the Cross; Martyr Sophia and her three daughters Faith (Pistis, Vera), Hope (Elpitha, Nadezhda), and Love (Agape, Lyubov) at Rome; Martyr Agathocleia; Martyr Theodota at Nicaea; 156 martyrs of Palestine, including Bishops Peleus and Nilus, Presbyter Zeno, and noblemen Patermuthius and Elias; Martyrs Lucy and her son Geminian of Rome; Hieromartyrs Heraclides and Myron, Bishops of Cyprus; 100 martyrs of Egypt; Martyrs Charalampos, Panteleon, and others; Saint Anastasius of Cyprus, monk; Saint Eusipius of Cyprus, monk; Martyrs Socrates and Stephen; Hieromartyr Lambert of Maastricht; repose of Blessed Agapius, disciple of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, and Blessed lay-recluse Matthew of Petersburg