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A '''schemamonk''' is a rare step taken in [[monastic]] life and is seldom approved by the [[abbot]] or [[bishop]]. The '''schema''' goes beyond carrying the Cross of [[Christ]]. Like our Lord Jesus Christ, he must be willing to surrender his life to totally save people's souls. He must in fact be willing to be nailed to the cross he has been carrying. The schemamonk is in essence an elder among the monastic community. He is a [[monk]] who has aspired to a spiritual level that transcends worldly desires. It is a life of constant prayer. He is a walking [[icon]] of our Lord Jesus Christ. A schemamonk is sought after by religious of all ranks, monastic and [[laity|lay people]] for spiritual advice and comfort, as well as other spiritual and religious matters. The schemamonk will again take a new name in Christ to show he has totally given up his worldly life.
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