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Our Father among the Saints '''Sava II''' (Serbian: '''Сава II''') was the third Serbian [[archbishop]]. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[February 8]], as well as in the [[synaxis]] of Serbian hierarchs on [[August 30]].
Predislav was born in the 1200s to King Stefan the First-Crowned and his second wife, Queen-Consort Ana Dandolo.  All three of Predislav's brothers were Serbian kings: Radoslav (1228-1233), St. Vladislav (1233-1243, d. 1277) and Stefan Uroš I (1243-1276).  However, the kingdom of Serbia was not for Predislav.  Following in the steps of St. [[Sava of Serbia]], his uncle, Predislav renounced all his titles and was [[tonsure]]d in [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Chilandari Monastery]] on [[Mount Athos]], taking his uncle's name.
In 1254, he was elected [[Bishop]] of Hum, a region which his uncle had briefly ruled. He participated in state council in his [[cathedral]], the Church of Saint Peter on Lim. After Archbishop [[Arsenius I (Sremac) of Pec|Arsenije]] suffered a stroke, Sava was elected archbishop.  He was a good archbishop who led the Church of Serbia according to the rules of the [[saint]]s, [[apostle]]s, and [[Church Fathers]]. He died on [[February 8]], 1271, and is buried in the Church of Holy Apostles in Peć Monastery.
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