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The Right Reverend '''Sava (Juric) of Slavonia''' was a [[bishop]] in the Australia and New Zealand [[diocese]] of the New Gracanica Metropolitanate until 1999.
The reconciliation between the [[Church of Serbia]] and the New Gracanica Metropolitanate caused a transitional stage.  Bishop Sava was, with Bishop [[Luka of Western Europe]], the only Serbian bishop to serve concurrently with another Serbian bishop in Australasia, with Bp Sava bishop of the New Gracanica diocese and Bp Luka bishop of the patriarchal diocese.  Their successor, Bishop [[Nikanor (Bogunovic) of Banat|Nicanor of Australia and New Zealand]], became the first bishop to serve both dioceses.
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before=Vasilije (Veinovic)|
title=Bishop of Australia and New Zealand (Serbian, New Gracanica)|
after=[[Nikanor (Bogunovic) of Banat|Nikanor (Bogunovic)]]}}
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