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The holy, glorious and right-victorious Confessor Sansala was a priest from the Buzau valley in Romania and the spiritual father of the Great Martyr St. Sava the Goth. He and St. Sava carried out missionary work in the area around Buzau, converting many pagan Dacians and Goths to Christianity.

In 372, he and St. Sava were captured by the soldiers of King Athanaric of the Goths who had begun a great persecution of Christians. Both of the saints were ordered to sacrifice to idols and tortured upon their refusal to do so. St. Sansala courageously endured these tortures and was eventually released, but his chanter St. Sava was condemned to death and drowned in the River Buzau.

St. Sansala took the relics of the martyr and hid them until they could be taken out of the Gothic kingdom to the safety of the Roman Empire. St. Sansala bravely remained in Dacia and continued his missionary activities which continued to meet with great success. He eventually died towards the end of the 4th century.