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The Empress Augusta Helen - Dragasi Palaiologos was also known as '''Saint Hipomoni'''. She was the daughter of the emperor of Slavs Constantine Dragasis. She became empress of Byzantium as the wife of Emmanuel Palaiologos. Her husband became a monk with the name Mathieu. After his death she became a nun at the Monastery of Kira–Martha, taking the name Hipomoni. She later became [[Ipomoni of Loutraki|Saint Hipomoni]], translated to '''Saint Patience'''.She died on [[March 13]], 1450, 3 years before Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans. Her memory is celebrated in March 13, the day she died, and May 29, the day that Constantinople fell to the Ottomans and her son Constantine XI Palaiologos died.
'''See Main Article:[[Ipomoni of Loutraki|Saint Hipomoni]]'''
'''See Main Article:[[Ipomoni of Loutraki|Saint Hipomoni]]'''
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== External links ==
*[http://www.immspartis.gr/?page_id=8758 Information about St Hipomoni from the Church of Sparta]

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