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Our father among the saints Sabinus of Cyprus was the Archbishop of Cyprus in the fifth century during the time Cyprus was under the jurisdiction of the Church of Jerusalem. He was the successor of St. Epiphanius to the Cypriot cathedra. St. Sabinus is commemorated on May 12.


Sabinus was born in the city of Lycia in Phoenicia. A pious Christian, Sabinus, after hearing about the ecclesiastical learning and spiritual feats of the ascetic monk Epiphanius on Cyprus, traveled to the island to become his disciple. After their meeting Epiphanius tonsured Sabinus a monk. During the following five years, Sabinus pursued an ascetic life of prayer in the wilderness of the island under the guidance of his spiritual guide, Epiphanius.

After St. Epiphanius was appointed to the See of Cyprus, about 368, he ordained the monk Sabinus to the dignity of presbyter. When St. Epiphanius reposed at sea in 403, St. Sabinus was named his successor.

St. Sabinus was noted for his zealous defense of Christ's Church from heretics. He also wrote about the life and deeds of St. Epiphanius. He reposed in Christ about the middle of the fifth century. The date of his repose is not known.

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