Russian True Orthodox Church (Raphaelites)

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True Orthodox Church in Russia (TOCR) is a non-canonical religious organisation headed by Mr. Леонид Семёнович Мотовилов (Leonid Semionovich Motovilov - former Colonel of KGB).

According to some information about the 1996 Raphael (Procopius) entered in the jurisdiction of the "Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church under Patriarch Dimitri Yarema", where he was ordained "bishop of the Krasnoyarsk"

The history of the RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH begins in 1997, when there was disagreement between the head of RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH Iohan, which was part of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church-Patriarchate of Kiev (under the Omophor of Patriarch Demetrios Yarema), and the other bishops.

These differences resulted from the decisions of the Council of Bishops June 26, 1997. Bishop Joan of Modzalevsk was defrocked from the priesthood. The refusal of the Patriarch Demetrios (Yarema) to support the solutions the Council of RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH caused the breakdown of communion between the UAOC-KP and RTOC and the creation of an independent jurisdiction of the RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH. In the same year, the church accepted a group headed by Raphael (Prokopyev). He was bishop of "we don't know that church".

All previous ordinations of this group were invalid and Raphael was first ordained priest and later a bishop. In September 21, 1997 his re-ordination was attended by "Metropolitan Krutitskii" Ambrose (Katamadzeh), "Archbishop of Dmitrov" Stefan (Linitsky) and "bishop Gaynatsky and Imertinsky" Moses (Hodzhava) as bishop of Volokolamsk.

On February 25, 1998, Moscow hosted the Council of Bishops of the TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCHES, which was attended by Bishops previously separated from the Free Russian Orthodox Church (they were outside of any jurisdiction).

These "bishops" expressed their desire to enter communion with RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH, entering into its structure with their dioceses, clergy and congregation. Bishops of the RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH accepted them and included both structures in one Holy Synod of the RTOC.

Meanwhile, the Synod of the RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH was rocked by growing contradictions. In late 1998, the controversy resulted in a split, and Ambrose was taken out from the Synod, and in January 22, 1999 was defrocked from the priesthood.

After this an alternative synod of the Russian True Orthodox Church was created with Bishop Tikhon and Nazariy. At the same time, the main Synod of RTOC began to receive reports that Bishop Raphael had not fulfilled his promise to align his activities in accordance with the teachings of the church. The Holy Synod considered the possibility to condemn him for heresy. On March 13, 1999 he was removed from office and on November 27 1999 deprived "episcopal" dignity for violation of church canons and training extrasensory. The condemned Bishop Raphael, with Bishop Sergius Moyseenko, created the alternative Synod of the True Orthodox Church in Russia (TOCiR) without any blessing or Tomos from his mother Church. The Russian True Orthodox Church pubblished an anathema to those who received him into the Church Mr. Leonid Semionovich.

Not recognizing his deposition, “metropolitan” Raphael Leonid Semenovich Motovilov proclaimed himself Metropolitan with the title of "His Beatitude Metropolitan of Moscow, the keeper of the door of the Holy Sepulchre".

In July 2003, organized a "Unity Council of Bishops of the Genuine Orthodox Church in Russia," which resulted in the unification of marginal non canonical formations in the "Free Russian Orthodox Church". The "Primate" of the new canonical religious organizations, was elected "Metropolitan of Moscow" Raphael (Procopius) with the title of "Patriarchal Locum Tenens".

In 2005, he changed his title to "Archbishop of Moscow, Metropolitan of All-Russia".

The decision of the third session of the "Local Council of the True Orthodox Church" from June 24, 2005, was elected First Hierarch of the True Orthodox Church, with the title "His Holiness the Archbishop Metropolitan of Moscow All-Russian." This position claims successions from Nicholas II Motovilova, who was a witness to the life of St. Seraphim of Sarov. In the middle of 2009 the primate changed his name to be referred to as Motovilov. Together with the new title he changed the name to that of his sons - Sergei and Anton.

Now the True Orthodox Church in Russia is in "full communion" with Angelos of Avlona (Greece) and "Metropolitan" John Lobue of New York

The Episcopate of RUSSIAN TRUE ORTHODOX CHURCH before the condemnation of Leonid Semenovich Motovilov and the cration of the alternative synod of TOCiR.

It was decided to transfer management of the Moscow Diocese Board of Bishops Vicar, which included Ambrose and Stephen.

  • Ambrose (Katamadzeh), Archbishop (later Metropolitan) Krutitskii (June 26, 1997 - January 22, 1999)
  • Stefan (Linitsky), Bishop (later Archbishop) Dmitrov (26 June 1997 -10 January 2000)
  • Raphael (Prokopyev), Bishop of Volokolamsk, Vicar of the Diocese of Moscow (21 September 1997-13 March 1999)
  • Seraphim (Kuczynski), Bishop of Pskov (1997)
  • Sergius (Moyseenko) , Bishop of St. Petersburg (19 October 1997 -13 March 1999)
  • Arsenius (Kiselev), Bishop of Vladimir (25 February 1998-22 January 1999)
  • Alexander (Mironov), bishop of Kazan and Mari (25 February 1998-22 January 1999)
  • Didim (Nesterov), Bishop (of what?) (June 30, 1998 -10 January 2000)
  • Nicholas (Modebaze), Bishop of Poti (27 September 1998 -22 January 1999)
  • Vyacheslav (Lisovoy), Bishop (of what?) (22 November 1998 -22 January 1999) - Archbishop of Kolomna (22 January 1999-10 January 2000)
  • Tikhon (Kiselev), bishop of Penza and Simbirsk (26 July 1998-22 January 1999)
  • Nazarius, Bishop? (What?) (? -22 January 1999)
  • Michael (Wishniewski) (what?) (28 December 1999 -10 January 2000)
  • Kyriakos (Temirtsidi) (what?) (7-10 January 2000)