Russian Orthodox Church in Canada

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The Russian Orthodox Church in Canada is the name of the group of parishes of the Russian Orthodox mission in Canada that recognize the canonical authority of the Church of Russia.

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The communities that form the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in Canada developed from the immigrants that began arriving in Canada during the last decade of the nineteenth century. The first community was formed on July 18, 1897 in Wostok, Alberta by Slavic farmers who had come from the central European provinces of Galicia and Bukovina of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as early as 1892.

In 1897, a group of the new residents, led by Theodore Nemirsky, corresponded with Bishop Nicholas of the Russian Orthodox mission in North America requesting the assignment of a priest to Wostok to conduct Orthodox religious services. In response Bp. Nicholas, who resided in San Francisco, California, sent Father Dimitri Kamnev and Deacon Vladimir Alexandrov from Seattle, Washington. Two days after their arrival in Wostok, the two missionary clergymen celebrated the first Orthodox Divine Liturgy on the farmyard of Theodore Nemirsky's homestead, a service that was attended by over 300 Orthodox Christians from the surrounding area.

Today twenty five parishes that descended from that celebration of over one hundred years ago form the group of parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in Canada.


Vicar of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Administrator of the Patriarchal parishes in Canada

  • His Grace Job, Bishop of Kashira 2005 - Present

Parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate

  • St. Barbara Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Thirteen parishes forming the association of the Orthodox V Parishes
Holy Trinity Church, Wostok, Alberta
St. Michael Recreation Center
St. John the Baptist Parish, Chipman, Alberta
Ss. Peter and Paul Church, North Star, Alberta
Church of the Ascension, Skaro
  • Nine parishes forming the association of the Orthodox IX Parishes
St. Onuphrius Church, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan
Dormition Church, Kurchaki, Saskatchewan
St. Apostle James Church, Mundare, Alberta
St. Mary's Church, Nisku, Alberta
  • Parish, Toronto, Ontario
  • Parish, Ottawa, Ontario


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