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|[[Image:Romanian Orthodox monk.jpg|thumb|right|230px|A Romanian Orthodox Monk]]
The '''Romanian Orthodox Church''' (''Biserica Ortodoxă Română'' in [[Romanian language|Romanian]]) is one of the [[autocephalous]] [[Eastern Orthodoxy|Eastern Orthodox]] churches. A majority of [[Romanians]] (18,817,975, or 86.8% of the population, according to the [[2002]] census data<ref>[http://www.insse.ro/rpl2002rezgen/16.pdf 2002 census data on religion]</ref>) belong to it. Among all Orthodox Christians, the mere numbers of Romanians make the Romanian Orthodox Church second only to the [[Russian Orthodox Church]] in size.
Adherents of the Romanian Orthodox Church sometimes refer to it as '''Dreapta credinţă''' ("right/correct belief"; compare to Greek ὀ

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