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Protopresbyter-stavrophor '''Radomir V. Popović''', (in Serbian Протојереј ставрофор професор др Радомир В. Поповић), is a professor of Church History at Orthodox Theological Faculty of Belgrade University in Belgrade, Serbia.
Radomir V. Popović was born in the village of Skadar, near Valjevo, Serbia in 1954. He attended St. Sava [[Seminary]] in Belgrade, graduating in 1974. He also attended the Theological Faculty of the Belgrade University, graduating in 1978, followed by studies in the History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy, graduating in 1982. He obtained his doctorate in history in 1989.
He taught and tutored at [[Sava of Serbia|St. Sava]] Seminary. Initially from 1986, he was an assistant at Orthodox Theological Faculty at Belgrade, later becoming a professor at the faculty, where he continues to teach, as well as at Foča-Srbinje. He has published several works on church history.
As a arch[[priest]] he is assigned to the Church "Ružica" in Belgrade. He is married and and has three children.
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