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The Psalter (also known as the Psalms of David) is the Old Testament book that contains hymns and poems traditionally ascribed to the Holy Prophet and King David, ancestor of our Lord Jesus Christ. Virtually every aspect of worship—praise, thanksgiving, penitence, intercession—is covered in the Psalter.

The Psalter in Orthodox Worship

One modern commentator has described the Psalter as a golden thread running through the beautiful garment that is the divine services of the Orthodox Church. Indeed, the Psalter forms the core of each of the services of the Daily Cycle, the Divine Liturgy, and the other sacramental offices of the Church.

The Psalter is so prevalent in Orthodox worship that St. John Chrysostom said that wherever one looks in the Church, he finds the Psalter "first, last, and central."

Structure of the Psalter

The Septuagint is the version of the Old Testament used by the Orthodox Church.

Chapter Divisions—Septuagint vs. Masoretic Text

Kathisma Divisions

Order of Kathisma Readings

  • Outside of Great Lent
  • During Great Lent

External Links


  • The Psalter According to the Seventy, Holy Transfiguration Monastery (ISBN 0943405009)
  • Christ in the Psalms, Archpriest Patrick Henry Reardon (ISBN 1888212217)

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