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The '''Protection of the [[Theotokos|Mother of God]] Monastery''' (French: ''Monastère de la Protection-de-la-Mère-de-Dieu'') is a Romanian Orthodox [[monastery]] located in Wentworth, Québec. 
It is the first monastery in Québec under the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America and Canada]]. Its inauguration occurred on [[October 8]], 2005, and construction is still underway.
Its [[igumen]] is named Cyril (Cyrille), and the monastery is under the [[omophorion]] of [[Archbishop]] [[Nicolae (Condrea) of Chicago|Nicolae (Condrea)]]. Services are conducted in French.
*[http://www.pagesorthodoxes.net/ressources/monastere-protection.htm Official site (in French)]
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